Transform Your Car Wash Routine with Our Must-Have Accessories!

5-Minute Read + Video: If you're just starting out with your car care journey, or you're looking for the next thing that will help you wash your car more efficiently, we've got a range of accessories that will transform your washing routine!

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Wheel Cleaning & Pre-Wash Accessories

The dirtiest part of any car will always be the wheels. We recommend cleaning these first with a dedicated wheel bucket so you don't damage your paintwork with road grime and brake dust from your wheels.

  • IK Foam Pro 2 or Foam Pro 12
    Depending on your budget, these two fantastic foamers will allow you to dilute and/or mix your favourite wheel cleaner and apply a foam to coat wheels and tyres with.
  • Snow Foam Lances
    Your pressure washer needs a snow foam lance! MTM (slick foam) and MJJC (thicker foam) are the most talked-about products at the moment, with the Clean + Shiny Hydro 360 lance a good economical choice.
  • Pressure Washer Short Triggers & Nozzles
    Gone are the days of using a standard lance that you would use on your patio, a short trigger allows far greater flexibility! Simple choose the one that's right for you, either from MTM or our own Clean + Shiny bundle, pick your adapter and then play with nozzles! One of which is the Clean + Shiny Turbo Nozzle! This will blast away grime from your wheel arches. Use this when you're cleaning your wheels so each corner gets cleaned properly.
  • Buckets and Grit Guards
    Everyone needs at least one bucket - we recommend three: One for wheels, one for your hand-wash and one for rinsing your wash mitt or pad. A Grit Guard bucket insert will separate any contaminants away from your wash mitt(s). These aren't always needed for your Wheels bucket, however they should be in your main wash and rinse buckets.

Car Washing Accessories

  • Detailing Brushes
    With your car covered in snow foam, we recommend going around your trim, nooks and crannies with one of our Detail Factory or Work Stuff brushes. If you've got delicate surfaces, such as gloss black trim, please use an Ultra Soft brush as this will dramatically reduce the chance of installing scratches. For the front grille and other areas, there's also the Detail Factory Curveball - this too has delicate bristles allowing you to safely agitate dirt from hard to reach or awkward plastic trim. Vertool Detailing Swabs can get into tight crevices to remove embedded grime - perfect for the space between your rear window and boot lid, for example.

Drying Accessories

  • Drying Towels
    Any of our Twist Loop drying towels will leave you with a dry car with minimal streaks. Need a large towel? The Rag Company 1500 is the go-to. If you prefer a smaller towel, The Liquid8r is available in a few sizes too.

Tyre & Trim Dressing Applicators

We've touched on just a few areas and products in this blog, however if you are looking for something specific that hasn't been mentioned, we're always here to help. Feel free to get in touch

Here's our Reel about some of the accessories we stock!

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