▶️ Product Spotlight: P&S Inspiration Radiance Shampoo

2-Minute Read + Video: One of the latest products to be developed by P&S is Inspiration Radiance Shampoo! Originally marketed as a coating maintenance soap, we've actually found that this is an excellent, slick, wash-and-protect shampoo for use on any car - protected, or not!

Radiance will therefore refresh coatings and toppers (LSPs) should you have one installed. If you have an unprotected vehicle (no water beading/behaviour) Radiance will add a layer of Polymer protection, which introduces water beading and gloss!

Radiance is available in 947ml or 3.79L

As usual, Jamie The Cleaner in the USA has put Radiance to the test on a coated SUV, using it in a foam lance and in his wash bucket.

Key features:

  • Radiance will deep clean and un-clog your ceramic coating
  • It's a moderate foaming product that works on paintwork, glass and trim
  • Use in a snow foam lance from 20:1 to 10:1
  • In the video below Jamie used roughly 180ml of Radiance in his wash bucket. However you can use less, we got good results from using 100ml. Feel free to experiment with dilution
  • Radiance can be used on un-coated vehicles to leave a layer of protection and gloss behind
  • This is a slick shampoo that has a grape scent that fills the air!

The secret with Radiance is to throughly rinse it after you've finished your contact wash. This will reveal a beautifully clean and glossy finish, with much improved water beading.

Take a look at Jamie's video below to see Radiance in action!

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So there you have it, Radiance shampoo from P&S!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

Keep it clean, keep it shiny!

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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