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Silver Detailing Package

Our Silver Detailing Package is a great option for those looking for a greater level of paintwork enhancement with longer durability and harder wearing ceramic coating. 

With all our detailing packages, we take into account each customers needs with the vehicle detailing packages. One question we ask is, how long do you plan to own the vehicle? of which three/four years is a common answer for those with company cars for example. Or are you looking for a particular ceramic coating that you have researched into that you would like on your vehicle that we offer.

We offer 3-4 year ceramic coatings from brands such as Carbon Collective, Gyeon & Labocosmetica.

Our prices start from £495, prices vary depending on the size of a vehicle as it takes longer time/more product to detail an Audi Q8 than it does a Ford Fiesta for example.

We would need the vehicle for up to Three days.

Silver Detailing Package Procedure - Three Days

  • Pre vehicle inspection to check for any stone chips, dents/dings, deep scratches or any damage
  • Vehicle jacked up to begin process of washing the wheel arches using an all purpose cleaner/Snow Foam with dedicated arch brush and hot water wash to loosen/remove dirt. Wheels also cleaned with a safe wheel cleaner and fallout remover using a selection of the leading wheel cleaning brushes in the detailing industry.
  • Pre Wash one the vehicle exterior using dedicated pre washes products including snow foam. Intricate areas such as body gaps/badges agitated with an ultra soft detailing brush whilst vehicle has snow foam on to loosen any loose dirt.
  • Two Bucket Washing method with microfiber/lambs wool wash media with grit guards to prevent adding defects to the paint work, vehicle rinsed using a top of the range hot/cold pressure washer.
  • Exterior surfaces chemically decontaminated and clayed to remove all bonded contamination such as tree sap, tar spots and Iron fallout.
  • Vehicle dried using a combination of soft microfiber drying towels and filtered hot air drying blowers.
  • Vehicle brought into the detailing bay for thorough paint inspection under high intensity lighting. Paint measured using specific paint depth measuring equipment before paint enhancement is started.
  • Plastic trim/High Risk areas masked/protected in preparation for machine polishing process.
  • Multi Stage Paint Enhancement to remove light swirls/scratches & enhance gloss.
  • Vehicle Panel Wiped/Prepped ready for chosen last step product.
  • Application of Last Step Product (3-4 year ceramic coating) to exterior paintwork and wheel faces.
  • Interior surfaces cleaned/wipe down and dressed using a natural shine protective/non silicone dressing
  • Interior Carpets cleaned/vacuumed and sealed with a fabric sealant
  • Entry level glass sealant applied to exterior glass
  • Tyres & Plastic Trim dressed with dressing
  • Final Inspection made plus high quality photos taken before handover


Once the vehicle detail is completed, customers will receive a 15% discount on all online/in store products for the maintenance of the vehicle. From buckets to shampoo, quick detailer to tyre dressing.

For an exact price on your vehicle, please don't hesitate to get in touch.