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Detailing Services

As well as providing world class car care products we can also provide you a broad and comprehensive range of detailing services.

From our Aldershot HQ we are able to provide everything from a  basic maintenance detail to keep your vehicle looking its best through to a full correction of the paintwork and application of Paint Protection Film we have also recently added a range of Paintless Dent Repair services and when PDR cant repair damage we have a bodyshop service available to deal with any issues you may have.

*Please note our detailing pages are receiving a refresh currently. Please feel free to use our contact form to get any further information you require*

Over the next few tabs you will find our detailing services outlined.  However, if you need something bespoke then please talk to us and we will be happy to produce bespoke detailing services for you.

Here are some videos of recent work that we have carried out for our clients. 

New Car Detail - From £299.00

Timescale: 2-3 days

Your new car is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make so it is important that it has the best possible start in life - we can help.

When you buy a new car, you will almost certainly be offered some form of paint protection by the dealer, typically costing between £400 and £700.

What is even more likely is that the car will not be fully assessed to determine whether any polishing is needed to ensure that the paintwork is flawless, it will not spent up to 3 days being carefully washed, decontaminated, polished where needed before being coated and left to cure.

It’s also a safe assumption that many products offered through dealers don’t have guarantees of up to 7 years against damage and are rarely applied in controlled conditions (temperature and humidity being the main factors).

One of our specialisms is to give new cars the best possible start in life with options to protect the exterior paintwork in isolation right through to a full protection detail which will include all interior surfaces, glass inside and out and then insides of your wheels.

We will safely wash and decontaminate your car using PH Neutral products and the correct wash methods before carefully drying and moving the vehicle inside our studio.

Any polishing required will be undertaken (this should be minimal on a new vehicle) and we can protect the paintwork using either a traditional wax, polymer sealant or ceramic coating, the latter offering up to an incredible 9 years’ manufacturer backed warranty.

You can then opt to have protection applied to all other surfaces including the interior, wheels and glass either individually or as a Total Surface Protection bundle which usually offers a considerable saving over the individual cost.

Maintenance Detail - From £60.00
Timescale: Half a day minimum

The following will be carried out on your vehicle: 

  • Vehicle rinsed with hot water including under arches to loosen dirt

  • Wheels cleaned - faces and inside - using a PH neutral cleaner

  • Arches cleaned using a safe All Purpose Cleaner

  • Badges, grilles and trim brush cleaned using a safe All Purpose Cleaner

  • Foam applied to vehicle to loosen any remaining dirt

  • Vehicle rinsed with hot water

  • Fallout remover applied to entire vehicle - this safely removes bonded contaminants

  • Vehicle washed using the 2-bucket method - accepted industry-wide as the safest

  • Door shuts & fuel filler housing cleaned thoroughly

  • Vehicle rinsed with warm water

  • Vehicle dried using soft, plush towels and warm air where necessary

  • Microfiber Madness Dropnetic towels used to catch excess water

  • Spray sealant applied to bodywork

  • Tyre dressing applied to tyres

Interior Detail - From £50.00
Timescale: 2-3hours

The following will be carried out on your vehicle: 

  • All loose items removed and stored safely

  • Mats removed and vacuumed (rubber mats washed and dried)

  • Carpets vacuumed

  • Seats vacuumed if fabric

  • Leather seats wiped down with a mild and safe cleaner

  • All interior plastics cleaned and dressed with a matte finish dressing

  • All interior glass cleaned

  • Air freshener applied

Protection Detail - From £225.00
Timescale: 1 day minimum

The following will be carried out on your vehicle: 

  • Maintenance detail as above

  • Interior detail as above

  • Vehicle paintwork protected with either coating, sealant or wax

  • Wheel faces protected with ceramic coating

  • Exterior glass treated with repellent

Wheel Protection Detail - From £120.00
TimeScale - 1 Day

The following will be carried out on your vehicle: 

  • Vehicle moved onto our Sun 3.5 tonne scissor lift and chocks placed under jacking points

  • Wheels removed

  • Tar and fallout removers applied to remove all bonded tar and contaminants

  • Wheel cleaned with Spies Hecker Panel Wipe

  • Wheels coated with Ceramic Protection Product

  • Tyres coated (gloss or satin finish to your preference)

  • Wheels refitted and torqued to the correct factory settings

Enhancement Detail - designed for paintwork with minimal defects -From £300.00
Time Scale 1-2 days

The following will be carried out on your vehicle: 

  • Maintenance detail as above

  • Rupes Bigfoot system used throughout - the very best dual action polishers available

  • Polishes used range between Koch-Chemie, Sonax, Meguiars and Scholl

  • Designed to enhance paintwork, remove light swirl marks, wash marring and other minor defect

Correction Detail - designed for paintwork with medium to severe defects -From £600.00
Time Scale: 3 days +

The following will be carried out on your vehicle: 

  • Maintenance detail as above

  • We use the same polisher & polish system as for an enhancement detail

  • Designed to restore paintwork which has moderate to serious defects - note that any defect which has gone through to primer or metal can only be moderately restored and in most cases repainting will be necessary

We can combine packages very easily - please contact us for more information.