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New Car Detailing

Your new car is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make so it is important that it has the best possible start in life - we can help.

When you buy a new car, you will almost certainly be offered some form of paint protection by the dealer, typically costing between £400 and £700.

What is even more likely is that the car will not be fully assessed to determine whether any polishing is needed to ensure that the paintwork is flawless, it will not spend up to 3 days being carefully washed, decontaminated, polished where needed before being coated and left to cure.

It’s also a safe assumption that many products offered through dealers don’t have guarantees of up to 9 years against damage and are rarely applied in controlled conditions (temperature and humidity being the main factors).

One of our specialisms is to give new cars the best possible start in life with options to protect the exterior paintwork in isolation right through to a full protection detail which will include all interior surfaces, glass inside and out and even the insides of your wheels.

We will safely wash and decontaminate your car using PH Neutral products and the correct wash methods before carefully drying and moving the vehicle inside our studio.

Any polishing required will be undertaken (this should be minimal on a new vehicle) and we can protect the paintwork using either a traditional wax, polymer sealant or ceramic coating, the latter offering up to an incredible 9 years’ manufacturer backed warranty.

You can then opt to have protection applied to all other surfaces including the interior, wheels and glass either individually or as a Total Surface Protection bundle which usually offers a considerable saving over the individual cost.

From £550.00