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Paint Protection Film

Once your paint is looking perfect, you should consider protecting it from future damage.

We are trained and accredited by Xpel to install their PPF system and can fit to most vehicles.

We chose to work with Xpel as they are absolutely committed to the production and continued development of automotive paint protection systems and are internationally recognised as being a market leader in this sector.

This incredible polyurethane film will protect your paint from future damage as it absorbs the impact and has self-healing properties against impact by small stones, road and environmental debris. It uses elastomeric polymer technology to heal from damage in minutes.

We use software designed exclusively for Xpel accredited installers to cut film precisely to fit your vehicle. All we need to do is programme in the make and model data and our state of the art Graphtec cutter produces ready cut pieces to apply to designated areas of the car.

Xpels Paint Protection Film carries a 10 year warranty against yellowing which is one of the best warranties available for film.

The entire vehicle can be protected or specific areas – your choice. 

We can apply PPF to a vehicle which has not been fully detailed by us but offer financial incentives when we have fully detailed the vehicle so that we know that the paint beneath is optically perfect.

Prices start from £399 and discounts are available depending on the amount of PPF work required.