Stjarnagloss Först - Citrus Pre Cleaner 1 Litre

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Stjärnagloss Först is the first choice for dirtier jobs.

If your car is really filthy or needs a bit of a spring clean, strip off heavier contamination with Först, the citrus Traffic Film Remover (TFR) that everyone is raving about!

The natural orange oil within the formula doesn’t just boost cleaning – it smells great, as well.

Apply it neat to affected areas, leave it for 2-5 minutes to do its thing, then rinse off with your jet wash. Do not allow Först to dry. Tip: We like to go over it with a layer of snow foam to keep it working and to complete the pre-wash stage.

Först has got more cleaning power than snow foam alone because there’s no aeration from the foam. It’s also sprayed on at full strength using the included effective litre spray bottle.

Covering the whole car can waste product, so only spray it on the dirty areas (usually the lower half, and rear, of the car is enough).

It's great value for a litre, because we know you’ll be using this a lot – especially during the winter.

Coatings + Dilution

  • By default Först is not coating safe, meaning it will flatten any hydrophobic coating or 'topper'. If you've got coatings installed, you shouldn't need to use Först.
  • However, prevention is better than a cure... so if your car is absolutely filthy with winter road grime, we think it's better to use Först to get your paint completely clean. You can then re-install your topper to reinstate the hydrophobic properties that you're used to. *Get rid of the muck rather than run the risk of wiping some of it into your paintwork during the contact wash!*
  • You can of course dilute Först to your liking, so that it either has less impact on your coatings, or simply to make your 1L bottle last slightly longer.

FÖRST should not be used on chrome wheels or trim.

Pack contents: 1x Stjarnagloss Först - Citrus Pre Cleaner 1 Litre

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