WAX ISN'T DEAD! A Guide To Picking Your Angelwax Wax

2-Minute Read: With so many quick detailers, spray or creme sealants and ceramic products on the market, it's sometimes easy to forget about traditional waxes!

There's nothing more satisfying than spreading and buffing a quality wax onto your car, van or truck... especially before or when you arrive at a show or event!

Wax will make your paintwork really pop, as the gloss is naturally amplified.

Angelwax is probably best-known for their carnauba and ceramic-infused waxes!

There's 8 available for different paint types and applications with various levels of durability. Below we've outlined each wax so you can make a decision on which one best suits your needs.

Smells incredible and is a go-to wax to apply before or at a car show. With durability exceeding 5 months, this wax boasts amazing gloss with beading and sheeting qualities rarely found in a wax priced as modestly as this.

Angelwax HALO
This is a synthetic paste wax with up to 6 months of durability. It'll produce fantastic gloss and adds a layer of protection for any gloss paintwork, plastic and rubber trim as well as glass!

This is a ”High Endurance Detailing Wax” designed to give the ultimate in wax protection for the bodywork of your vehicle. Formulated by Angelwax's chemists in their laboratory, this is their most durable wax to date, offering protection that comfortably exceeds 6 months.

This has been a phenomenal success since its release in 2009. It will give your paintwork an amazing wet look, high gloss finish with outstanding durability lasting up to and beyond 6 months. Apply two coats for maximum protection.

Angelwax DRIFT
No, it won't make you drift better 😏... however it is designed to enrich white paint surfaces by masking light swirls and scratches - the perfect pre-show product to apply to your white car!

This is the ultimate handmade wax for black or dark vehicles. Similar to DRIFT, DARK ANGEL is designed to enrich dark paint surfaces by masking light swirls and scratches. Apply before or at your car show or event.

This is a high endurance show wax, formulated using a blend of four natural waxes, passion fruit oil and a mysterious fifth element! It offers both outstanding gloss, depth and immense durability never before seen in a show wax.

Angelwax ENIGMA
Created in Angelwax's laboratory using only the finest natural raw materials and the most technologically advanced ceramic components, this wax can only be described as their most advanced to date. ENIGMA makes the surface completely smooth and less likely to be compromised by the many substances in our environment. This wax has significant self-cleaning properties, combined with outstanding gloss, spectacular durability and ease of use.

So, if you need a show wax or something that lasts a little longer, Angelwax has you covered.

🔥 Take a look at our range of wax applicators and don't forget your Rag Company towels for buffing!

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Keep it clean, keep it shiny!

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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