▶️ ValetPRO Snow Foams Explained!

In our latest YouTube video, Josh walks you through the differences between the four snow foams in ValetPRO's range of products.

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Using a snow foam pre-wash is crucial during maintenance washes, as it removes surfaces contaminants prior to contact washing. This lowers the chance of installing fine scratches or swirls into your paintwork. You can apply snow foams through a normal foam lance, or an IK pump sprayer/foamer.

ValetPRO pH Neutral Snow Foam
A simple snow foam, ideal for application after or on-top of pre-wash solutions. Great for pulling down other decontamination chemicals too.

ValetPRO Foamula 1 Snow Foam
Essentially the same as pH Neutral however it foams up thicker, ideal for going around window sills and trim while allowing the foam to dwell.

ValetPRO Advanced Neutral Snow Foam
A pH neutral snow foam however it acts like an alkaline, so has slightly more cleaning power than pH Neutral.

ValetPRO Snow Foam Combo 2
A true alkaline snow foam, with the most cleaning power. Produces thick, sticky foam, ideal to help pre-wash dirty cars.

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