▶️ Labocosmetica Primus 2.0 Multi-Purpose Pre-Wash

In our latest YouTube video, Josh walks you through a basic maintenance wash on John's F87 BMW M2 Competition. He uses only Labocosmetica Primus 2.0! It can be used as a wheel cleaner, pre-wash, snow foam and shampoo!

"If you only have space in your wash bag for one product, this is your answer!"

Dilution guide (you can experiment)...

  • As a wheel cleaner, dilute between 1:3 - 1:10
  • As a pre-wash, dilute up to 1:20 depending on level of contamination
  • As a snowfoam, dilute between 1:5 for winter dirt and 1:10 for summer washes

To help, take a look at Labocosmetica's new dilution spray bottles

We do of course recommend using separate products to tackle tar spots and iron contamination, etc. If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to get in touch!

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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