▶️ Rokit R1 Forced Air Car Dryer Unboxing + Demo

John is back with another unboxing and demo! This time it's the Rokit R1 vehicle dryer.

Rokit is a relatively new brand on the scene, supplying high-performance vehicle dryers at an economical price. The R1, or Resolution 1, features a 2200W motor, 600W of heating power, a 5m hose and 5m power cable for plenty of flexibility when working around your car.

Also supplied is a choice of two nozzles, spare nozzle seal, paperwork and promo card. The dryer itself is on wheels, too! This is the perfect dryer for the weekend warrior or car care enthusiast looking to take drying to the next level.

Using a blower allows you to remove water droplets out of nooks and crannies, preventing after-drips that can lead to water marks after you think the vehicle is dry! Contactless drying is also a great way to avoid the chance of installing swirl marks into your paintwork. This can happen if using a drying towel without enough lubrication from residual water or if a drying aid spray isn't used.

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