#Labocosmetica #Primus 2.0 (Foam Pre-Wash)

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PRÌMUS 2.0 is the new and improved version of #Primus which is a highly effective and safe, alkaline, multi-purpose foam prewash. It doesn't contain any caustic salts, ensuring the safety of all surfaces. It can be used on paintwork treated with waxes, sealants or coatings without any issues.

It can easily remove tough substances like bugs, resins, and road dirt. It's versatile and can be used in different dilutions to clean various parts of a vehicle, including rims and delicate bodywork. When used with a foam gun, it produces a wet foam that quickly dissolves dirt and is easy to rinse off. Additionally, it has low evaporation characteristics and can be applied with spray dispensers without leaving dried residue.

What makes #PRÌMUS stand out is its VDA certification, making it the first prewash in the detailing sector to be recognised by this German independent body.

Key Features:

  • VDA Certification: Assurance of Compatibility with Delicate Materials on Cars and Motorcycles
  • Safe Alkaline Power: Risk-free Effectiveness on All Surfaces
  • Part of the 3pH Washing Cycle: Guarantee of Exceptional Results and Comprehensive Protection
  • Powerful and Long-lasting Foam: Enhances Cleaning on Vertical Surfaces
  • Versatility: Various Dilutions for Different Needs
  • Preparation for Polishing: Removes Polish Residues for a Perfect Surface
  • Integrated Lubrication: Minimises the Risk of Scratches
  • Savings and Efficiency: Exceptional Performance with Less Product, Saving Time and Money Doubled Drying Time to Allow for Stress-free Spray Application

Dilution guide (you can experiment)...

  • As a wheel cleaner, dilute between 1:3 - 1:10
  • As a pre-wash, dilute up to 1:20 depending on level of contamination
  • As a snow foam, dilute between 1:5 for winter dirt and 1:10 for summer washes
  • As a shampoo, simply add a decent amount to your wash bucket and suds-up with your pressure washer. More details are in the Wash + Talk YouTube video.

To help, take a look at Labocosmetica's new dilution spray bottles

Bottle Sizes Available: 1 Litres and 4.5 Litres

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