How To Use Labocosmetica Idrosave Rinseless Wash

3min Read: Introducing Idrosave, Labocosmetica's rinseless wash. This is a pH neutral solution that safely washes, shines and protects exterior surfaces. This is the perfect product for those of you that don't have access to an outdoor tap or power, but still want to care for your car. Just add a bucket, safe sponge and/or pump sprayer.

ℹ️ Idrosave is best used on light dirt/dust. If your car has heavy dirt or road grime, we'd recommend at least a traditional pre-wash using a pressure washer. You can of course take Idrosave with you to your local DIY car wash.

How To Use

Step 1: Prepare a bucket equipped with a grit guard and dilute Idrosave in water at a ratio of 1:250, meaning 20ml of product for every 5 litres of water, directly in the bucket. Our buckets are roughly 20L, so you'll need 80ml of Idrosave. Use our handy measuring cup to help you with this.


Step 2: Fill a manual or pump sprayer with the freshly prepared solution - you can dip the bottle/reservoir into your bucket, or simply make up a dedication mixture. So, if your pump sprayer has 1 Litre capacity, you'll need ~4ml of Idrosave - making this product incredibly economical!

Step 2b: Spray your Idrosave solution onto a section of the car to be cleaned to soften mild dirt and dust.


Step 3: Dip a soft microfibre towel or suitable sponge into your bucket. Wring it out so that the product does not run off.


Step 4: Run the towel or sponge over the car gently, without applying pressure.

Step 5:
Wipe dry with Labocosmetica's drying towel.

Once dry, you'll notice your paintwork is far more vibrant and is left with a layer or protection - this will make future washes easier.

Why was Idrosave developed?
Labocosmetica’s vision for Idrosave rinseless wash is to fill the gaps found in other products on the market by offering something truly unique, superior and unconventional.

Idrosave stands out for its exceptional softening and cleaning capacity thanks to an innovative combination of cationic and non-ionic surfactants, guaranteeing unparalleled cleaning compared to other products available on the market

✅ If you have any questions about Labocosmetica Idrosave feel free to contact us.

Keep it clean, keep it shiny!

The Clean + Shiny Team.
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