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Key Specs: 7x 330GSM, 35cm x 40cm, 70/30 Blend, Edgeless

Labocosmetica's Multi Towels, crafted without edges through laser cutting, are the perfect allies for auto detailing enthusiasts and professionals who demand versatile and high-quality microfiber cloths for cleaning their cars. They are designed to adapt to every surface of the vehicle, making them ideal accessories for both routine and deep cleaning.

The composition of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide gives the Multi Towel an extraordinary softness, strength, and absorbent power, ensuring the removal of dirt and grease better than standard microfibers without leaving streaks. Their effectiveness is remarkable even in removing polishing residues or excess ceramic coatings, ensuring gentle treatment on sensitive surfaces and minimizing the risk of scratches. The promise is extended durability, supported by numerous washes without a loss of performance.

Distinguished by its versatility and generous dimensions (35x40cm), the Multi Towel can be used for heavy-duty tasks such as cleaning door sills, resisting fraying without issues, but is equally effective for delicate work such as removing coatings on sensitive paints, proving to be a flexible tool in a variety of contexts.

The Labocosmetica logo, distinctly imprinted on each cloth, emphasizes the commitment to quality and reliability. This attention to detail makes Labocosmetica’s Multi Towel indispensable for those seeking not only efficiency but also care and respect for treated surfaces, elevating cleaning to a satisfying and impeccable experience.

To preserve quality and performance over time, Multi Towels can be machine washed. The use of fabric softeners is not recommended, as they may reduce the effectiveness of the microfibers by clogging the fabric pores and compromising absorbency. By following this simple precaution, Multi Towels will maintain their cleaning ability and softness for many washes to come.

Ideal for:

  • Polishing and finishing chrome, polished metals,
  • Cleaning glass and mirrors
  • Overspray and product residue removal
  • Cleaning plastic and leather interiors
  • Removing oils from compound or polish
  • Post-application coating removal

Key Features:

  • Weight: 330 GSM
  • Dimensions: 35×40 cm
  • Composition: 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide
  • Weave: 3D checkered microfiber
  • Edges and Corners: Edgeless design achieved with laser cutting

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