Labocosmetica PRELUDIO (Presoak for Rinseless Wash Systems)

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Labocosmetica PRELUDIO is a pre-treatment designed for waterless and rinseless wash systems, such as IDROSAVE.

PRELUDIO has been formulated in two variants with alkaline and acidic pH, ensuring efficiency and speed, specifically designed for the waterless and rinseless world. 

Currently there are only neutral products on the market that can only soften dirt but not dissolve it.

  • PRELUDIO Alkaline dissolves the most stubborn organic dirt, this includes bird mess, insect remains, road grime and wheel dirt (think Primus 2.0).

  • PRELUDIO Acidic, on the other hand, addresses inorganic dirt of mineral origin that tends to solidify on bodywork, trim and glass. This can include limescale, sand (from rain), water spot residues and industrial contaminants which requires a specific acidic pH for effective removal (think Purifica).

Both products are safe for use on Plastic, Paint, Glass and PPF.

PRELUDIO Alkaline and Acidic prepare the surface for a waterless or minimal water (rinseless) wash. Their formula penetrates dirt, gently lifting it from the surface and reducing the risk of swirls, making the wash process safer.

PRELUDIO Alkaline is perfect for removing organic dirt and preserving paint quality.

PRELUDIO Acidic restores brilliance, removing dullness caused by mineral contaminations, renewing the performance of nano coatings and sealants.

By using PRELUDIO Alkaline and Acidic in combination with Idrosave, an innovative washing system is created that harnesses the power of combined pH to tackle any type of dirt, ensuring optimal treatment for every washing situation.

Thanks to its effectiveness, PRELUDIO drastically reduces washing times on particularly dirty vehicles, optimising work and ensuring deep cleaning results that that are difficult to achieve with a pH-neutral solution.

Dilution Ratios:

1:5 for very heavy dirt
1:10 for heavy dirt
1:15 for use on PPF
1:20 for fresh dirt

1:5 for very heavy dirt
1:10 for heavy dirt

Available Options: 

  • Preludio Alkaline: 1 Litre and 4.5 Litres
  • Preludio Acidic: 1 Litre

Download MSDS Safety Sheets:
 - Alkaline
 - Acid

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