#Labocosmetica #Purifica (Decontaminate Snowfoam/Shampoo /Waterspot Remover) - 1 Litre

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Purifica is the world’s first acid shampoo in car detailing, and is still extremely innovative today. This exceptional acid shampoo, created with Labocosmetica’s innovative vision, continues to be a leading choice for car detailing enthusiasts worldwide. Its primary function is to remove the thin film created by limescale residues that deposits on the car’s body. This slight formation of mineral contaminants can sometimes be invisible but is the main cause of loss of shine, as over time, it layers and makes the car appear duller. This effect is particularly noticeable on black cars.

The limescale particles that are deposited on the bodywork, resulting from less than perfect drying, summer storms or acid rain, drastically reduce the beading effect: #PURIFICA solves the problem at its source, effectively yet gently dissolving and sequestering the calcium deposited on the body or residues of contamination from acid rain, thereby restoring the coating’s freshly-applied appearance. This maintenance nano-shampoo with acid pH, true novelty in the world of detailing, features a mix of noble buffered acids.

Extremely innovative, it removes the thin film left by limescale residues, which deposits on the bodywork, enhancing and revitalising the characteristics of previously applied nano-coating and sealants. Its buffered noble acids, specifically developed, also allow #PURÌFICA to respect wax or protection layers.

How to Use 

Now it maintains its acidic pH effectiveness even when heavily diluted, up to 1:400 (maintenance wash). Exceptional Versatility: Purifica caters to various cleaning needs, whether used as a hand shampoo in a bucket or as a pre-wash dispensed in a foam gun or spray. 

Foam Gun 1:5-1:10

Bucket 1:100-1:400

Spray 1:100-1:200

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