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Grit Guard Bucket Insert - Various Colours

Grit Guard

  • £9.95

The major cause of scratches and swirl marks is generally from a bad washing technique and your mitt picking up dirt from your cars body work and then rubbing it somewhere else on the body.

Using the Grit Guard will help combat this. Simply rub your mitt or brush along the Grit Guard. Trapped dirt will be released and gravity will cause the dirt to fall to the bottom of the bucket and be trapped by the Grit Guard.

The Grit Guard Washboard connects onto the Grit Guard and is the perfect tool to help you rub your mitt or brush more ergonomically.

The Grit Guard inserts into your 5 US Gallon bucket like so:

Grit Guard Bucket Insert Demo
Grit Guard Diameter: 26.5cm
Colours: Black, Blue or Red

Pack contents: 1x Grit Guard Bucket Insert

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