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Grit Guard Washboard - Black

Grit Guard

  • £10.95

The Grit Guard Washboard works in conjunction with the Grit Guard Insert in your rinse bucket to separate the grit from the mitt!

Like its sister product, the Grit Guard Insert, the Grit Guard Washboard has NO flat surfaces for dirt or grit to be collected. Contaminants are extracted from cleaning tools while rubbing them on the downward stroke against the Washboard.

Particles such as dirt, grit and grime from your wash mitt are the root cause of scratches and swirls in your vehicles finish. By using the Grit Guard Washboard together with the Grit Guard Insert, you are insuring a clean, scratch-free wash mitt every time you go back to the wash bucket for water.

All of the potentially harmful dirt settles in the bottom of the bucket, keeping it away from your mitt and away from your paint. This simple and cost effective method protects your precious painted surfaces from being scratched and saves your paint from swirl marks and scratches.

Also available in Red.

Pack contents: 1x Grit Guard Washboard - Black

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