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GYEON Q2 LeatherShield 50ml

GYEON Q2 LeatherShield 50ml


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Gyeon  LeatherShield is a quartz coating formulated for automotive leather.

Q² LeatherShield is an advanced, SiO2 (silicon dioxide) based formula that provides superb protection against dirt, UV rays and the rigours of everyday usage.

Q² LeatherShield is amazingly simple to apply, requiring only one layer. It’s designed for and has been tested on all modern types of leather, providing great protection with no change of feel or colour, leaving a fully matte finish.

Q² LeatherShield does not stiffen the leather or make it more slippery, maintaining the regular comfort that you're used to.

Key Features:

  • Repels dirt, UV rays and the rigours of everyday usage;
  • Prevents discolouration from belts, jeans and other clothing;
  • Easy to apply with 12 months of durability;
  • 40ml consumption for an average-sized car.

Box Contains:  Q² Leather Shield 50ml, 1x Foam Applicator, 6x Suede Cloths

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