Safely Drag-Dry Your Car With The Rag Company's Double Twistress

The Rag Company's Double Twistress absorbs left-over water from rinsing with ease, while drastically reducing the chance of installing fine scratches.

Your two-bucket wash technique helps to reduce scratches during the wash stage, but the use of less than ideal towels can actually do more damage when drying.

Pat or drag-drying are the two most common drying techniques, and the Rag Company's Double Twistress makes both techniques easy and safe.

The BMW in the photos above has Zaino Z-5 applied to the paintwork, leaving beautiful beading behind. The sealant itself helps in a big way, but the Double Twistress really does make light work of removing excess water from rinsing.

Grab yourself a Double Twistress and see what you think.

If you need further drying advice feel free to contact us, we're here to help.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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