VIDEO: P&S Swift Interior Detailer & Xpress Cleaner

Which car interior detailing spray is best? Well, we recently compared the newly released P&S Swift Clean N Shine interior detailing spray and Xpress Interior Cleaner! Two of the best interior products on the market.

When choosing between these two products, it comes down to what you need the product for. P&S Swift Clean N Shine is ideal for cleaning your vehicle's interior vinyl, leather and plastics. It'll leave surfaces clean with a satin finish.

On the other hand, P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner spray is designed for a slightly deeper clean, leaving surfaces with their OEM, natural finish and ready for a dressing of your choice.

Both Swift and Xpress can be used on your door cards, dashboards, centre console and many other areas.

The P&S Xpress Sidekick Scrub Pad works very well with Xpress to give a deeper clean on dirty interiors.

Check out our Short below for an in-depth look!

Both sprays are effective in slightly different ways, it depends what you're trying to achieve with your vehicle as to which one you opt for.

Swift and Xpress are both available from Clean + Shiny, via our website or in-person via our walk-in shop here in Aldershot, Hampshire.

Keep it Clean, keep it Shiny!

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