Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra: Protect Your Car For Up To 9 Years.

Gtechniq is a UK-based coating specialist, best known for its Ceramic Coatings. Crystal Serum Ultra is their flagship coating, which can last for up to 9 years.

What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a hard and durable layer, that essentially becomes your new clear coat once applied. These coatings can prevent scratches, swirl marks as well as damage from bird droppings and other environmental contaminants. Having a ceramic coating installed, after paintwork correction, will ensure your paint always looks its best, with almost no loss of gloss or lustre.

The ultimate protection duo:

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, paired with EXO v4, will leave your car protected with the ultimate duo. Crystal Serum Ultra will give you paint scratch and swirl resistance, while EXO v4 will give you up to two years of hydrophobic properties, making your car very easy to maintain.

Crystal Serum Ultra Key Features:

  • 10h paint protection (the hardest of coatings)
  • 9 year guarantee 
  • Matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance

Due to the advanced chemistry, Crystal Serum Ultra is only available from Gtechniq Accredited Detailers, and so is not available for purchase by the general public. It has to be applied in a controlled environment by trained detailers.

Clean and Shiny Detailing is based in Hampshire and is Gtechniq Accredited. If you're interested in having Crystal Serum Ultra and EXO v4 applied to your vehicle, please do get in touch for further details, as we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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