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Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Pad 5" (2 Pcs)

Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Pad 5" (2 Pcs) DMC5


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Meguiar's best-selling microfiber cutting pads are the perfect choice for correcting severe to moderately scratched and weathered paintwork, especially if you have to deal with harder paintwork.
Microfiber pads create slightly more heat than foam pads, so you'll get better cutting results. If you're not sure if you require microfiber or foam pads, please get in touch for advice, we're here to help.
Backing Plate Size:
  • These 5" (DMC5) Microfiber Cutting Pads fit 5" backing plates.
  • If you have a 6" backing plate, you will need the 6" (DMC6) cutting pads.
Key Features:
  • Use with a Dual Action (DA) machine polisher at 4800opm
  • These 5.5" cutting pads have a velcro backing and attach to 5" / 125mm backing plates
  • New Microfiber disc technology cuts through surface defects with no swirls
  • Engineered foam interface for optimal cutting efficiency and controlled conformability
  • Optimised for use with the DA Microfiber Correction Compound - D300
  • Machine Washable
Residue control and general use:
  • After each pass of the panel you're working on, be sure to use a pad conditioning brush or compressed air (if you have access to it) to raise the microfiber strands again; this will ensure maximum performance from the pads.
  • Once the pad you're using becomes noticeably 'clogged' with compound or paint residue (paint transfer can happen on older vehicles), wash the pad by hand or washing machine. The pads can be line dried or spun on your machine polisher (in open-air, away from your vehicle) to speed up the drying process.
  • After each pass of the panel you're working on, it's also advised to allow your dual action polisher to stand for around five minutes to allow the backing plate and machine to cool down.  Microfiber cutting systems do create slightly more heat than foam systems, so this step is necessary to prolong the life of the cutting pads, backing plate and your machine.

Pack contents:  1x Meguiars DA Microfiber Cutting Pad 5" (2 Pcs)

Part Number: DMC5

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