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Detail Factory Grey Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush - Large

Detail Factory

  • £13.99

The Detail Factory brushes are specifically designed for light duty cleaning on sensitive automotive surfaces. They are ideal for instrument and infotainment panel dusting and cleaning as well as detailing around badges and emblems where boar’s hair may scratch the surface. They will also work well on any surface that does not require aggressive scrubbing action.

"Zero bristle loss after months of use on customer vehicles booked in for detailing... they're not the cheapest, but they are by far the best detailing brushes available." - Matt Thomas - The Matt Finish

Key Features:

  • 9.5" handle, 2" brush with a 1" diameter
  • Ergonomically designed handle profile
  • Textured grip area
  • Balanced at grip area to minimise user fatigue
  • Chemical resistant handle and ultra-soft bristle materials
  • Metal free construction to prevent scratching
  • Hanging hole for drying and storage after use

Pack contents: 1x Detail Factory Grey Ultra-Soft Detailing Brush - Large

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