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Bilt Hamber Korrosol Iron Fallout Remover 1 Litre

Bilt Hamber

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*Please note that Bilt Hamber have reverted back to the old style bottles due to issues with the lids of the new style bottles which they are working on to fix - 1/10/2020*

Korrosol is a water-based, controlled pH, non-alkaline, biodegradable, safe and effective iron fallout remover, which removes metallic particles from your wheels, paintwork, glass and trim, leaving a smooth finish.

Some background on Iron Fallout:

Airborne metallic particles from brake pads and discs fill the air along our roads. When you and the car in front of you brakes, these contaminants embed themselves into your paintwork and other surfaces. Fallout can also come from other sources, such as industry.

How can these particles destroy paint?

Once metallic particles have landed, they react with rainwater or air moisture and begin to corrode. Paint can slowly become ruptured around the embedded particles. This action destroys both the aesthetic and protective qualities of the painted finish.

Korrosol actively dissolves these metallic particles, which you can then safely wash away.

How To Use Korrosol:

  1. Simply spray on and watch as Korrosol's effective formula dissolves harmful metallic particles - you can see this happening due to the rapid and dramatic colour change that takes place.
  2. Afterwards, rinse with your hose or pressure washer to leave the surface free of metallic contamination.
  3. You're now ready to carry on with further surface prep and detailing.

Key Features:

  • Non-acidic, non-alkaline decontamination spray.
  • The 1 Litre bottle of Korrosol is supplied with a spray trigger for ease of application.
  • Easy to use, colour-changing formulation.
  • No-touch cleaning of heavily contaminated coatings and surfaces.
  • Korrosol is safe to use on all vehicle painted finishes.
  • Made in England.

Pack contents: 1x Bilt Hamber Korrosol Iron Fallout Remover 1 Litre

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