Introducing Our Range Of Marine Care & Detailing Products!

2-Minute Read: Clean + Shiny has spent in excess of 20 years offering car care and detailing products and services to customers in all areas of the UK. Now, we're excited to be expanding into the Marine market, in the hope of helping boat owners, detailers and care teams with maintaining their vessels.

To get started, we have a large selection of Gyeon’s Q2R range. Gyeon has made a world-wide name for themselves by manufacturing some of the finest car care products, notably their Si02-infused detailing and protective sprays.

Our Marine range includes:

  • Gyeon Q2R Wash: Cleans and removes dirt and residue as well as light organic contamination. Can be used on all exterior surfaces, including wood.
  • Gyeon Q2R Maintain: Hydrophobic maintenance spray suitable for exterior surfaces, including gelcoat, wood and carbon fibre.
  • Gyeon Q2R Degrease: Marine surface prep spray to be used after polishing and prior to installing new protection or coatings.
  • Gyeon Q2R GlassCleaner: Fast, effortless and effective cleaning of all marine glass and plexi surfaces.
  • Gyeon Q2R VinylCleaner: Antistatic cleaner that removes dust and light dirt spots in a flash, leaving no residue behind.
  • Gyeon Q2R FabricCoat: Si02 spray that produces durable and strong protection against UV rays, discolouration and dirt.
  • Gyeon Q2R MetalPolish: Restores and polishes metal, aluminium, stainless steel or chrome parts.
  • Gyeon Q2R MarinePolish Step 1: Has a high cutting power for effective defect and oxidation removal. Ideal for use after wet sanding gelcoat.
  • Gyeon Q2R MarinePolish Step 2: Designed to leave a hologram free finish and a great level of gloss.

We also stock a wide range of car care and detailing products that can be used on your boat, including our pick of must-have accessories.

So, if it's time to clean and detail gelcoat surfaces, glass, plexiglass, wood, metal and chrome, indeed anything on and within your boat's superstructure, we can help you with maintaining your vessel, whether it's in the water or hardstanding.

If you need advice, please feel free to contact us.

Keep it clean, Keep it shiny!

The Clean + Shiny Team.