Wheel Cleaning 101 - Chemicals - Equipment - Tips

Lets get back to basics 

The first stage of any detail starts with the wheels - the area of the car that is closest to the grime on the road, and so, the dirtiest part of the car!

We tend to reach first for Brake Buster from P&S, its high foaming with a long dwell time, excels at cleaning tyres as well as the rim itself, and contains rust inhibitors to help stop the dreaded brown brake discs post detail!

Other favourites include StjarnaglossHjul, a very potent active wheel cleaner for when you need that extra bit of bite with the added fallout remover.
Bilberry by ValetPro is excellent for maintenance washes - especially on ceramic coated wheels, the 10:1 dilution ratio makes it super cost effective too! 

C&S Top tip - Clean your exhaust tips while you're tackling the wheels! Many of the wheel products are great for exhausts, barrel brushes are great for the insides as well as detailing brushes for getting around in the tight gaps. Grab yourself a bottle of Labocosmetica Cronos decarboniser to make this step even easier!

So you've got your chemicals - now what?

Get yourself equipment and accessories that allow you to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Our wheel bucket has a few staples that we always reach for:

Work Stuff Hurricane Wheel Mitt - plush microfibre mitt that snugly fits over your hand, perfect for reaching behind spokes and soft enough for even the most sensitive finish
Detail Factory Ultra Soft Brushes - 1 large and 1 small will allow you get into the wheel bolts and the brake callipers with ease.
Wheel Woolie Medium - The original and still the best barrel brush!
EZ Detail Large brush - Ideal for multi spoke wheels that can be tough to get behind, also great for getting in and around the brake calliper due to its flexibility.

BONUS TIP: Grab yourself a Carbon Collective Bucket Organiser to keep your smaller brushes and wheel mitt easy to reach, it saves you having to reach to the bottom of the bucket every time, and it helps with draining excess liquid after you've finished!

The Finishing Touches!

So you've got your wheels squeaky clean - time to lock in that shine!

A quick and easy solution is a spray & rinse coating such as Gyeon Wetcoat - apply this while the wheels are still wet and simply pressure wash off to add 2/3 months of protection in seconds.

You can always use a spray sealant to give a bit more of a durable coat (after drying with The Rag Company Gauntlet Wheel Towel apply your favourite sealant such as P&S Bead MakerGTechniq Ceramic Sealant, or Labocosmetica Cupido and buff to a consistent finish with a soft microfibre.

Don't forget to dress your tyres! Whether you're a fan of a satin OEM like Stjarnagloss Gummi, or wet look super shine like Meguiars Endurance Gel, apply a good dosing of your chosen product and work in with an applicator or brush. A light wipe over with an old microfibre after 10 minutes of soaking into the rubber will prevent any sling shooting up your freshly cleaned paintwork when you drive away too!