Diamond Protech: Maintaining Your Coatings

Once you have a Diamond Protech coating installed, there's three main goals we look to achieve with correct maintenance:

💦 Extending your coating's life: Diamond ProTech coatings are not only hydrophobic and oleophobic, they are also defect and scratch resistant. However, certain contaminants can exhaust these characteristics prematurely. So, by eliminating them, you take away some of the work your coating needs to do to protect your vehicle.

💦 Protect against environmental elements - There are many kinds of environmental contaminants that can affect the surfaces on your vehicle. And even though Diamond Protech nanodiamond coatings protect against these elements, certain quantities of these contaminents may stick to the surface of your coating(s) from time to time. Safely eliminating any residual contamination helps extend the life of your Diamond Protech coatings.

💦 Enhance shine and hydrophobicity - Surface shine is a remarkable characteristic of Diamond Protech nanodiamond coatings. Proper coating maintenance sustains this shine, as hydro/oleophobicity has a direct impact on the shine and gloss of your protected vehicle by repelling contamination.

Gyeon Restart Shampoo being used on a BMW

How do I maintain my paint coating?

General Maintenance Washes - These will remove light contaminants from your coated vehicle. We recommend doing a general wash every 1 to 2 weeks, which will remove excess contamination.

  • For newly installed car coatings, please wait 1 to 2 weeks before doing a general wash to allow your coating to fully cure.
  • Be sure to avoid using cleaning products that have waxes, polymers, or other protectants in them, as these products ultimately clog your coating's effectiveness and gloss rather than decontaminating it!
  • Use correct washing techniques (contact us for more info if you're unsure)
  • We recommend neutral shampoos, such as Labo SemperCarPro Reset or Gyeon Q2M Restart. These will wash coated surfaces and keep them free from unwanted waxes or gloss enhancers. 

Decontamination Washes - This is slightly more aggressive than a general wash, and will break down heavier contaminants accumulated over time. You can perform a decon-wash on your Diamond Protech coating by using shampoos designed for this purpose.

  • Infinity Wax Synergy Refresh is designed to unclog coatings safely and restore hydrophobic properties.
  • Labocosmetica #PURIFICA removes limescale deposits from hard-water maintenance washes or environmental contaminants. It's safe to use on all types of coatings, not just Diamond Protech.
  • CarPro Descale breaks down built-up contamination on all kinds of coatings. It will restore your Diamond Protech coating ready for Quick Body, if desired.

Additionally, heavy contaminants can be removed by using a clay bar or mitt, using a slick clay solution or neutral shampoo - the solution or shampoo will act as a surface lubricant. This process should be carried out after a decon-wash.

We've put together this handy collection of all the products mentioned above, as well some other items we feel will benefit your maintenance washes.

Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Rear Wing with Water Beading

Diamond Protech Quick Body
After you've restored the surface of your paint coating, installing a layer of 
Diamond Quick Body is recommended every 6 to 12 months.

This will add 6 months of additional hydrophobic surface protection to your coating, and help you to perform light washes rather than more labour-intensive decon-washes.

Diamond Protech Quick Body Application

Our friends at The Rag Company have also put together this video which talks about Diamond Body 36 maintenance:


If you need any help or advice with your Diamond Protech coatings and/or coatings maintenance, feel free to get in touch as we're here to assist.

Keep it Clean, keep it Shiny!

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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