Winter Cleaning

Plummeting temperatures, nights drawing in mean drivers are faced with much trickier driving conditions.

Do you keep on top of your car's cleanliness during the harsher climate months  to keep up appearance? 

The quickest way to prepare your car for winter is by adding some form of protection to your paintwork , to enhance protection against winter grime.

This can be achieved after the general washing process  and will mean that a whatever form of protection you choose to protect your paintwork, it will help limit the potential damage that can occur over winter.

There are many options for protection which include ,waxes ,spray sealants and ceramic coatings. Adding some form of protection will go a long way in protecting your pride and joy.

For us, the most important part of the detail is in the pre-wash. Getting the majority of the harsh road grime/salt off the car before making any contact. This will minimise the risk of inflicting swirl marks onto your paint when you carry out the contact wash. 

Products such as Stjarnagloss Forst are excellent for removing winter grime, however as it is not PH neutral it will degrade any paint protection, but it is much easier to reapply protection after the wash knowing you have safely cleaned the car rather than be too gentle with the pre-wash and inflict damage on your paint.

The basics needed:

Two buckets (one with car shampoo, one with fresh water)

  • Washmitt x2 (less likely to cause scratching compared to a sponge, one for bodywork, one for the wheels)
  • Microfibre cloths  
  • Wheel brush
  • Car shampoo, pre-cleaner, wheel cleaner, snow foam, 
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Detailing sprays  
  • Start with cleaning the wheels, rinse wheel cleaner agitate and .
  • Apply a pre-wash to to break up road and weather contaminants such as salt, bugs, tar, sap etc., this can be via a spray trigger or there Various Snowfoams that can be used 
  • Using the 'two-bucket method' begin washing the car. 
  • Once washed a rinse aid or spray and rinse product can be used to help with rinsing and adding protection, as well as being quick and easy.
  • Dry with a microfibre cleaning cloth or you can use a blower to help in colder conditions - 
  • Once the car is dry, a top up with a detailing spray will ensure a great shine is achieved and add some extra protection
  • Other areas to attend would be the glass to make sure its clean and check wiper blades are in good condition , A glass sealant can help making less likely for ice to stick to the windows. Wheel should also be protected and tires dressed.

'But it will only get dirty again'…

Always true in Winter months, but keeping your car clean when you are able washes away contaminants like Salt so they have less time to affect paintwork etc.

So, the paintwork and outside is protected and clean but what about the interior?

Keeping your interior moisture down is important as it can cause fogging and condensation inside the car - if this is an issue there are antifogging products for your windows but make sure you are getting rid of excess water or snow before entering the car will greatly help 

Hoover the car to keep it feeling fresh, mats and interior fabrics can be protected with fabric coats to protect them from staining and help keep them cleaner for longer.

Interior detailer can be used to keep dashboard and plastic areas clean and dust free.

Finish off with your favourite Air Freshener