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Zaino Custom Polish Applicator - Single Applicator Pack

Zaino Custom Polish Applicator - Single Applicator


  • £3.50

A specially designed, 100% virgin cotton polish applicator. #314 is approximately 4 x 5 inches square, with special reversed stitching to prevent scratching of paint surfaces.

The 100% virgin cotton material features the finest texture and softest nap available. The cotton surface surrounds a special silicone free, sponge insert.

Slightly dampen your applicator with some Z-6 spray or a light mist of water, before applying polish to applicator. This technique will make Show Car Polish spread further and more evenly. After use, hand wash applicator and let air dry.

The pad is 4" x 5".

Pack contents: 1x Zaino Custom Polish Applicator.

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