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ValetPRO Bilberry and Dragon's Breath Wheel Wash Kit 500ml

ValetPRO Bilberry and Dragon's Breath Wheel Wash Kit 500ml

Valet Pro

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ValetPRO's wheel cleaning products in a handy kit.

What's Included?

  • 1x ValetPRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner 500ml
  • 1x ValetPRO Dragon's Breath Fallout Remover 500ml

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner                                  

Bilberry Wheel Cleaner is an alkaline wheel cleaner that’s exceptionally effective at removing grime. A spray on rinse off method allows for an easy clean that will remove lightly baked on brake dust with a little time and agitation. The dilution rate is very  flexible so Bilberry Wheel Cleaner can be used neat or can be diluted up to 1:10 to suit the task and still provide an impressive clean. The best part is because this is a completely acid free product it’s safe to use on painted and lacquered wheels!

(Not suitable for un-lacquered polished rims. Test on an inconspicuous area on recoated or repaired wheels.)

Dragon's Breath

Dragon’s Breath is a specialist pH neutral wheel cleaner that reacts with the iron contamination within brake dust to produce a brilliant red bleed from an otherwise colourless gel; showing you that it’s working. More importantly, this chemical reaction also turns iron into a water soluble solution which makes it easy to rinse away baked on brake dust. For the most part Dragon’s Breath will easily clean general road grime away without a need for agitation, however the stubborn baked on brake dust may still require some agitation for the best results.

Pack contents:  1x ValetPRO Bilberry and Dragon's Breath Kit 500ml

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