ValetPRO Snow Foam Combo 2 (1 Litre)

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Preparation - Valet Pro currently have two chemicals which we promote for Preparation. Snow Foam Combo 2 and Citrus PRE wash.

The criteria for preparation products is high cleaning ability. A product that will deal with petrol, diesel and grease stains. Removes bug splats and other grime contaminates with ease. Valet Pro Snow foam combo does this well.

Valet Pro Snow foam combo is a high foaming TFR with exceptional cleaning power. It's quick and easy to use. It's perfect for preparing exceptionally dirty cars ready for resale. Snow Foam combo is the first stage of the wash process and will remove traffic film prior to washing. Making the wash process quick and easy. 

Dilution rates

1:10 seriously dirty cars 1Litre snow foam combo and 10Litre of Water = 11Litre of cleaning solution.

1:15 Normal use 1litre of snow foam combo and 15Litre of water = 16Litre of cleaning solution. Representing great value for money.

An average 5L pump sprayer will be able to clean 2 to 3 cars when used liberally. 1L of snow foam combo will clean 7 to 10 cars. The 5L bottle will be able to clean 35 to 50 cars. Costing from 22p per car when used at 1:20.

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