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Scholl Concepts Spider Sandwich Pad 85mm

Scholl Concepts White Spider Sandwich Pad 85mm

Scholl Concepts

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Scholl Concepts Spider Sandwich Pad is a new generation of intelligent polishing pad which combines the advantages of foam and natural lambswool pads.

Its calibrated three-dimensional surface results in increased compound absorption, a higher cut and better endurance of abrasive particles. The foam gives a higher air circulation, creating less heat generation when polishing, allowing the speed level of the polishing machine to be increased and reducing polishing time.

Due to the strong red sandwich layer, the pad stays firmer during heavy polishing applications and can't be over compressed. Polishing can be done more directly and with higher pressure and the cutting performance is absolutely consistent during the whole application.

Pad Cut: 4-5/6 These pads start off firm, but soften with use.

Size: 85mm (Small)

Image for illustrative purposes only = 1x pad per order. Colours may vary.

Use the White Spider Sandwich Pads with:

Suitable for freshly painted, heavily weathered paintwork or deep scratches.

When polishing with moderate pressure, holograms and swirls can be removed with S3 Gold and a Spider Sandwich Pad.

For maximum effect and crystal clear, hologram and defect-free paint, it may be preferable to do a second polishing stage with a finishing polish like Scholl Concepts S30+ or S40.

Pack contents:  1x Scholl Concepts White Spider Sandwich Pad 85mm

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