Rokit Resolution 2 (R2) Car Dryer / Forced Air Vehicle Dryer

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Rokit Resolution 2 Car Dryer is one of the most powerful car dryers available, featuring twin motors that provide 8HP. This car blower effortlessly removes water and offers a faster and safer drying method to prevent any damage to your paint during the drying process.

Product Specifications:

  • 8HP Twin Motor Design
  • 73,200 CFM/FPM
  • 1050G Blow Force
  • Swivel Dolly Included  
  • 600w Heating Element 
  • Washable & Removable Electrostatic Foam Filter
  • Adjustable Air Speed Control
  • 8M Expanding Hose
  • 5M Power Cord
  • 2 Silicone Coated Nozzles Included 
  • Machine Weight - 5.5KG
  • 53cmx34cmx38cm
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Rokit R2 is the ultimate car dryer, equipped with two motors in-line for maximum power. If you are in search of the biggest and most powerful car blower, this is the ideal choice. Similar to the Rokit Resolution One, it filters and heats the air up to 58 degrees, providing optimal drying speed and temperature for all seasons.

Though the twin motors may add some weight, we have designed the Rokit R2 with swivelling wheels and a sturdy base for easy mobility in your garage, driveway, or workshop. Rest assured, the wheels lock to prevent the blower from moving on its own. With a remarkably long extendable hose of over 8 meters in length, this dryer can easily reach around larger cars, trucks, motorcycles, light aircraft and other recreational vehicles.

By using the Rokit R2 car dryer, you can prevent dust and moisture from settling in unreachable places on vehicle interiors which could lead to potential odours, mould growth, or damage to interior components over time. It's an efficient and convenient tool for maintaining the cleanliness and condition of your car's interior.

At peak power, this blower will produce over 73,200 FPM to ensure a quick drying process. However, it also features a fully adjustable power dial, allowing you to control the force and lower it for smaller or more delicate areas, ensuring they are thoroughly dried without any risk of damage.

Designed and tested in the UK, the Rokit Resolution 2 comes with the same 1 year warranty as the Rokit R1, making this powerful 8HP Car Dryer a valuable addition to your washing and drying setup.

Rokit 1 Year Warranty - Details are outlined in the product manual

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