#LABOCOSMETICA #VITREO (Glass Polish) - 250g

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#Vitreo GLASS POLISH is a specially formulated polish designed to effectively remove scratches, oxidation, and corrosion from glass surfaces. Its balanced formula ensures a consistent and regular cutting action, making it an ideal solution for restoring the original condition of car windows, mirrors, windscreens, and even glass headlights, especially on vintage cars.

The unique abrasive mixture of rare earth elements and metal oxides with a high degree of purity gives #Vitreo extreme hardness, allowing it to tackle imperfections on all types of glass surfaces with precision.

Additionally, #Vitreo can also be used by hand to decontaminate glass before the application of anti-rain sealants or coatings.

Choose #Vitreo for a reliable solution to remove marks, scratches, and contamination from your vehicle's glass, and restore its clarity and smoothness.


Use masking tape to cover the sensitive parts of the vehicle such as the fabric-plastic hood and the rubber mouldings. Apply the product in one small area at a time, preferably one measuring a maximum of 20x20cm. Moisten the felt disk and distribute the product in a uniform manner. Moisten the special thin felt micro pad as a disk and distribute the product evenly. When polishing, spray some water or #Labocosmetica #Lubrifica to make the product work better and avoid excessive overheating of the surface, thus excluding the risk of creating micro-scratches.

To remove scratches successfully, it is advisable to use a rotary polisher at a max speed of 1000 RPM, preferably using a soft backing pad to reduce vibrations of the felt micro pad. You can use an orbital polisher. In any case, avoid applying excessive pressure as this can cause the treated surface to overheat. It is advisable to use a soft, clean, and damp microfiber cloth to remove excess product.

Do not use any detergent since the surface will be hot after use of the polisher and detergent can leave stains and marks as a result.

Do not perform more than 2 consecutive steps on the same work area. If another step is required, move to another area, and leave the one you have just treated to cool down.

Perform the additional step only when the surface is no longer warm. Repeat the procedure above until finishing is complete. Instead, to eliminate limescale stains and other contaminations such as surface pre-treatment to the subsequent application of sealants such as our #Aquavelox or anti-rain nano-coating, you can use a random orbital polisher or a microfiber pad if used manually.


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