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#OMNÌA 2.0 is a unique product of its kind. In addition to having the characteristics expected from a modern interior cleaner including a thorough and safe cleaning on all materials, even the most delicate or sensitive ones.

#OMNÌA 2.0 has passed the strict international tests for virucidal and bactericidal activity UNI EN 1276 | UNI EN 13697 | UNI EN 14476 carried out by independent ISO 17025: 2005 accredited external laboratories

#OMNÌA 2.0 boasts 7 exclusive advantages:
1. It has passed strict international virucidal activity and bactericidal tests
2. It removes bad odours and prevents them from forming.
3. Its innovative formula does not strain the materials or the colours. It contains a plastic restoring agent and a UVA and UVB protective filter which, in addition to giving the panels and dashboards a bright colour and a silky feel, enhances their natural opacity.
4. Since it is not an APC but an interior cleaner, it has a higher concentration with respect to other products in its category, a feature that makes it highly versatile to use, turning it, in the recommended dilution, into a quick interior detailer.
5. Perfect finish: thanks to its special formula, with newly designed surfactants, it is able to provide the best performance in the presence of low alkalinity, creating a foam that is easy to rinse and easy to process. It leaves the surface free of debris after passing a microfibre cloth over it. The use of a bristle brush for cleaning leather or plastic allows a deep cleansing on dirt that is difficult to remove, minimising the need to use the melamine sponge.
6. It does not contain caustic or alcoholic substances and can therefore be used with the Tornador or RotorJet systems without causing irritation to the respiratory tract and on leather seats without dehydrating them.
7. It is compatible with previously applied fabric and leather sealants.

For deep cleaning in case of stubborn dirt, use pure or diluted 1:1.
To restore plastics strained by aggressive APCs previously used or faded by the sun, use pure or diluted 1:1.
For special cleaning dilute 1:2.
For normal cleaning dilute 1:10.
For leather cleaning dilute 1:4.
To use it as a quick interior cleaner dilute 1: 15.
With Tornador or RotorJet system dilute 1:7

For special cleaning, spray the product on the surface, distributing it with a brush or soft bristle brush in order to create a soft and dense foam. Lastly, remove by using a dry microfiber cloth. For routine cleaning or maintenance, spray the product on the surface and then wipe with a microfibre cloth. To enhance the natural finish of the plastics, spray the product and leave it on for 5 minutes, and then remove it with a dry microfibre cloth to restore the plastics on vintage cars or affected by incorrect washing, use the product while pure or 1:1 at most and spread it with a brush. Let it sit for around 10 minutes until it dries, then wipe with a wet microfibre cloth and dry with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

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