GYEON Q2 View EVO 20ml

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Q2 View EVO - 20ml: Gyeon Q2 View EVO - 20ml
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Q2 View EVO

Dedicated Long lasting Rain Repellent - Q² View has been a benchmark in the industry regarding window coating. Its durability made it the solution for advanced detailing enthusiasts and professionals.
Q² View EVO sticks to that pedigree with ease of application thanks to the new Q²M GlassPolish and even more durability and resistance. It remains on the most intensely used windscreen for up to 24 months while ensuring undiminished water repellency. On the side windows, it can be maintained for up to 36 months.

Improves Safety - Q² View’s EVO primary task is to increase the safety of you and your passengers and the comfort of driving in difficult road conditions. We assume that the worse the road conditions, the more the driver should be focused on driving. Q² View EVO provides a much better road view by keeping the windows clean, repelling water and dirt and increasing transparency.
 On top of that, Q² View EVO also ensures the reduction of ice and snow adhesion due to its noticeable increase in slickness.

Surface preparation is absolutely crucial. Never skip the process with Q²M GlassPolish, which should be considered a cleaner and a bonding agent. Q² Repel EVO will never reach its expected durability without the correct prep. TIP: I like to use Q²M GlassPolish by machine, using a Q²M Polish Pad, which spreads at low revs. Once a light film of residue is left, wipe it off with Q²M Prep. Do not overapply Apply as much Q² Repel EVO as possible in a circular motion. Repeat the product to create a thicker layer, mainly on the windscreen. Remove the residue with a damp cloth.

  • Consumption: 20ml/car
  • Starting Speed: 50KP/H
  • Alcohol Tolerance: Full
  • Durability: Up to 24 months / 50K km


1 x Q2 Repel EVO 20ml / Q2M Glass Polish 20ml / Applicator Set / manual

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