GYEON Q2 LeatherCoat 400ml

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Gyeon Q2 LeatherCoat is a hydrophobic protective coating for your leather upholstery and trim. It guards from spills and the sun's damaging UV rays, whilst maintaining the look and soft leathery feel that you're used to. 

Once applied, Q2 LeatherCoat creates a strong bond to your leather's surface and leaves a matte finish behind, which is what fresh, natural leather should look like - only dirty or weathered leather will look shiny.

Q2 LeatherCoat repels dirt, sweat, salt and fats. Its hydrophobic properties and strong bonding to the surface helps to protect against pollutants that may penetrate the structure of your leather upholstery and trim. Q2 LeatherCoat also protects against any discolouration resulting from contact with leather belts, jackets or jeans.

Key Features:

  • Hydrophobic, protective coating for leather upholstery and trim.
  • Creates a guard from spills, dirt, sweat, UV rays and dye transfer from jeans and other clothing.
  • Will leave leather looking fresh and matte, with the soft leather feel you're used to.
  • Easy to apply with up to 3 months of durability.

Application Advice:

  • Q2 LeatherCoat requires proper cleaning of your leather prior to application to ensure a good bond, then simply apply to a soft microfibre cloth or applicator and wipe over in an even layer.
  • Never apply without appropriate preparation of the surface.
  • Let Q2 LeatherCoat dry and bond for at least 1 hour.


  • Store in a dark, dry and cool place;
  • Keep out of reach of children;
  • Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

Pack contents: 1x GYEON Q2 LeatherCoat 400ml

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