Geist Repel - Long Term Coating for Leather & Vinyl

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Geist Repel is applied to leather, vinyl and synthetic leather seats. It repels clothing dyes, dirt and pen marks. Repel also reduces discolouration caused by child seats when installed on leather seats.

Repel is a new-generation, solvent-free, hybrid polymer coating.

  • Suitable for all automotive leather/vinyl/pu and vegan leather. Test before use on aniline/porous leather
  • Very easy to apply, only one layer required
  • Repels dirt and prevents discolouration, protects against friction damage and cracking caused by UV rays
  • Free of ceramic & other nano particles
  • Solvent free
  • Microplastic free
  • Easily withstands wet brush cleaning
  • Is detergent resistant - it can be cleaned and continues to protect
  • Outstanding dye resistance even under moist conditions!
  • Makes cleaning a coated surface extremely easy, even after long use
  • Has no health or hazardous warning label
  • Safe for all top-coated leather and synthetic surfaces


Q: How long will it last?
A: Over 12 months / 25,000 km under normal conditions (Outperformed all other tested ceramic coatings in dry and moist long-term testing).

Q: How to store the product after use? What is the shelf life once opened?
A: Store over 5°C and below 35°C. Frost sensitive.

Q: Can I apply multiple layers?
A: One layer is enough. Two or more layers increases the protective function.

Q: Can I top it off with additional sealant/wax?
A: Yes, we recommend using Geist. Dye & Friction Blocker for maintenance purposes.

Q: How long does the product need to dry/cure?
A: As it is a water based product the vehicle can be used after the coating has dried and surface is touch dry. It takes 48 hours for the coating to reach full strength.

Q: How to maintain a vehicle coated with this product?
A: We recommend using Geist. Rapid Leather Cleaner followed by Geist. Dye & Friction Blocker (available together in the Geist. 3 Minus Care Kit). For very light cleaning, Geist. Surface & Screen Cleaner can also be used.

Q: Can it be removed?
A: Yes, if needed (e.g. if a surface repair is needed) clean thoroughly using Geist. Rapid Cleaner PRO & brush (twice) to remove the coating.

Q: Is it a breathable coating? Why? How?
A: Yes, microscopic pictures show that even small pores remain open. The flexible micropolymer lets air and moisture penetrate the surface.

Q: How and where do other products fit in?
A: Most protected automotive leathers require a light cleaning occasionally for hygienic reasons. Sweat, pollution and spills (sugar, fats) can easily be removed by wiping over with Geist. Rapid Cleaner.

Q: What if I still get stains?
A: If any stains do eventually penetrate, Geist. Repel makes removal easier e.g. Geist. Dye and Ink Remover is a solvent free product that removes many coloured stains without damaging the surface.

Q: Will it cause white seats to go yellowish?
A: No, Geist. Repel is stable even under strong sunlight conditions as it contains an effective UV filter.

Box Contains:

  • Geist. Repel 50 ml
  • Microfibre Applicator
  • Microfibre cloth

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