Chemical Guys 5.5" Hex-Logic Quantum Medium Cutting Pad, Orange

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The new Quantum design represents a great leap forward in polishing pad technology. These innovative foam polishing pads smoothly transfer power from your polishing machine into paint whilst minimising heat, wear and tear, as well as user fatigue. Quantum pads are designed for dual action polishers, long-throw orbital machines, and high-speed rotary buffers.

Key Features:

  • New pad geometry with the tried and tested Hex-Logic grooves maximise surface coverage;
  • Precision-cut Race Face creates a gradual tapered profile to spread out compression;
  • New center-holes are designed to disperse heat, allowing enhanced cooling;
  • New durable and breathable 'hook and loop' interface for a stronger bond that conducts heat away from the machine and pad;
  • Improved manufacturing techniques, adhesives, and materials ensure that Quantum Hex-Logic Pads last longer;
  • Quantum Hex-Logic Pads allow for superior polishing results, time after time.

Hex-Logic Quantum Pads are available in 7 colour variations...

Yellow: For heavy cutting, perfect for removing severe swirls, scratches, water spot etching and oxidation.
Orange: For medium cutting, perfect for removing light to moderate swirls, scratches, water spot etching, and oxidation.
Green: For heavy polishing, perfect for one-step polishes, like VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover, and V4 All In One Polish & Sealant.
White: For medium polishing, perfect for finishing polishes like V38 Final Polish or light swirl removers like V36 Cutting Polish.
Blue: For soft polishing, perfectly complements all glazes and light surface correcting compounds.
Black: For finishing. Can withstand added pressure, has no cut and is perfect for spreading final sealant and wax coats.
Red: For fine-finishing. Ultra-soft, has no cut and is perfect for spreading final sealant and wax coats.

About the Orange Hex-Logic Quantum Medium Cutting Pad...
Together with the new Quantum features, the Orange Hex-Logic Quantum MediumCutting Pad is a firm, high-density foam pad that is ideal for scratch and defect removal. This pad offers the correction of a typical compounding pad while at the same time allowing the polishing ability of a light cut foam pad. When used with heavier compounds, it will remove moderate swirls and scratches with little or no haze. It is an all-around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.

Pack contents: 1x Chemical Guys 5.5" Hex-Logic Quantum Medium Cutting Pad, Orange.

Pad Dimension: Front of the pad (the side that makes contact to the bodywork) 5.5 Inches. Rear of the pad (Velcro side) 5" Beware of foreign knockoffs and imitations: Chemical Guys use the best foam when producing their products. It has come to our attention that knock offs have been produced with inferior foam that, when heated, pulls apart - leaving your vehicle exposed to the polisher.

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