Angelwax Resurrection Extreme Super Heavy Cut Compound 500ml

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Angelwax Resurrection Extreme Super Heavy Cut Compound is suitable for all types of gloss vehicle paint and contains heavy diminishing micro-abrasives which are designed to remove serious paintwork defects, imperfections and sanding marks.

This unique formulation can remove heavily oxidised and intensively scratched paintwork and quickly gets to work removing deep scratches, severe weathering, stains, paint overspray and can be applied with either a dual action or a rotary machine polisher.


Apply a pea sized amount of compound onto a microfibre cutting pad and spread the compound around the panel.

Working the machine polisher in a crosswise motion, begin by applying higher pressure using a lower speed and then gradually increase the speed and reduce the pressure as the polish breaks down.

Buff away any residue with a soft, clean microfibre cloth. After completing this process move on to the next stage and refine the paintwork with either RESURRECTION, REGENERATE or REDEMPTION.

As with all Angelwax compounds, Angelwax RESURRECTION EXTREME Super Heavy Cut Compound is free from any oil and silicone.

Bottle Size: 500ml

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