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Angelwax Excelsior Soft Top Cleaner 500ml

Angelwax Excelsior Soft Top Cleaner 500ml


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Angelwax EXCELSIOR is a fabulous soft-top cleaner which has been formulated to remove the dirt and grime from convertible soft tops quickly, safely and effectively.

Angelwax EXCELSIOR also contains a UV inhibitor to prevent the fibres in your convertible soft top being broken down by strong sunlight.

On the variety of materials associated with convertible soft tops, Angelwax EXCELSIOR gets to work straight away by breaking down stains from with mildew, bird lime, moss and other contaminants.

Angelwax EXCELSIOR is safe to use on canvas, mohair, cloth and vinyl tops.

Once correctly applied, Angelwax EXCELSIOR will leave your convertible soft-top restored to its best!


  1. After washing the vehicle thoroughly, apply Angelwax EXCELSIOR to the area to be treated and agitate with a soft top/convertible or leather cleaning brush to remove any contaminants.
  2. Once the entire roof has been treated, rinse with plenty of cold water and allow to dry.

Top Tip: For added protection apply Angelwax SHIELD SOFT TOP & FABRIC PROTECTOR.

Pack contents: 1x Angelwax Excelsior Soft Top Cleaner 500ml

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