Hello! Thank you for your interest in Triple S.

Developed by The Wrap Institute in conjunction with P&S Detail Products, Triple S stands for Slip, Slide & Shine.

  • It is primarily used prior and during vinyl wrap installation to aid alignment and initial placement of materials.
  • The anti-static properties allow quick and easy removal of vinyl as well as backing paper / transfer sheets when working closely with the surface of vehicles.


  • If sprayed onto the material while using your squeegee, Triple S reduces any friction between the edge of your chosen tool and the surface of the vinyl.


  • After installation, Triple S can then be used as a Quick Detailer to add a hydrophobic layer and UV barrier. When your customer washes their vehicle, or it gets rained on, they'll instantly see water beading and the benefits of Triple S - this can last for several weeks depending on mileage and where the vehicle is stored.
  • The customer can then continue the maintenance of their chosen vinyl or PPF with a bottle of Triple S and a Rag Company microfibre towel.


ℹ️ Having spoken to a number of experienced vinyl wrappers, we understand that the use of Triple S as an installation aid may not align with commercial warranty conditions set out for the UK market by vinyl and PPF manufacturers.

If this is one of your concerns, we'd like to offer Triple S as an after-care product with huge up-sell potential during vehicle hand-over. As the UK Distributor for P&S Detail Products, we're able to offer wholesale pricing on this product.

We genuinely love Triple S as a stand-alone vinyl wrap and PPF quick detailer. We've had a range of customers use it with great results on gloss and matte wraps, as well as matte paintwork and PPF.

Its anti-static properties lend themselves to glass, too. So Triple S can be used on the inside of all glass to help prevent fogging; No static + no dust build-up = reduced chance of fogging!

We stock a lot of the products seen in the video above and can be seen here.

Triple S Key Benefits as an After-Care Quick Detailer:

  • It's easy to use - spray, wipe and buff.
  • Smells like strawberry lemonade! 🍓
  • Triple S leaves behind a layer of protection; your customers' vehicle will gain a hydrophobic layer which also adds a UV barrier.
  • It's a great up-sell for your customers as a maintenance product to use on their new vinyl wrap or PPF - have some bottles displayed in your reception area or alike.

✅ If you feel Triple S (or anything else we stock) would aid you and/or your customers, you're welcome to either place an order, consider opening a Trade Account with us or contact us for custom wholesale pricing.

We'd like to thank you for your time and, if we can be of further help, please feel free to get in touch.

The Clean + Shiny Team.