Britemax Obsidian Quartz (4H) Ceramic Trim Restorer 50ml

Scrub plastic and vinyl surfaces clean to remove all traces of oils, engrained dirt and any previously applied dressings using GRIME OUT cleaner and degreaser first, rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly. This step is very important as applying to an unclean or even slightly damp surface can cause areas to look dull, patchy or discoloured.

As with Britemax's ceramic paint protection, we only ever recommend working indoors (ambient conditions must be above 5 degrees and ideally below 24).

Britemax ceramic quartz coatings are applied via a lint free, suede wrapped foam applicator block.

  1. Run a few beads of product onto the suede wrapped block and ensure even saturation. Use gloves. Always replace the lid on the bottle and set aside.
  2. Obsidian Quartz reacts with the moisture in the air and if there is prolonged exposure to the atmosphere the coating will begin to cure within the bottle – viscosity changes are the best evidence of this happening.
  3. Using care, wipe the applicator block onto the trim area using even pressure across the surface ensuring a uniform appearance. Remove immediately from any painted surfaces using a clean microfibre cloth.
  4. Allow trim to fully cure for 24 hours, avoiding all exposure to moisture.
  5. Discard all used suede applicator cloths and any microfibre cloths after use.