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Bilt Hamber Atom-Mac Corrosion Inhibitor 500ml

Bilt Hamber Atom-Mac Corrosion Inhibitor 500ml

Bilt Hamber

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Bilt Hamber's Atom-Mac is a corrosion inhibitor that is applied using water. It protects any surface or area where corrosion may occur. Atom-Mac forms an invisible atomic shield against corrosion of ferrous metal.

Protect water collecting voids, braking surfaces, suspension components as well as bicycles, garden equipment and machinery.

Atom-Mac can be added to rinse water to prevent flash corrosion of grit blasted surfaces, which makes this an ideal product to have for winter driving.

Atom-Mac is safe for use on painted surfaces.


  • Atom-Mac works best when atomised using an atomiser pump sprayer bottle
  • Use 5% in water and atomise onto car brake discs
  • Dilute 2-5% of Atom-Mac and apply to neutralise road salt on sensitive suspension components and vehicle undersides
  • For general bare ferrous metal voids and spaces, use 2ml of Atom-Mac (neat) for every 1 Litre of void/space

Pack contents: 1x Bilt Hamber Atom-Mac Corrosion Inhibitor 500ml

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