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The FUR-EEL® was originally designed for the professional car detailing industry. It is now renowned as the world’s fastest pet hair removal tool and used by detailers, groomers and home users around the world.

It was developed by Allan Sorrig, the founder of the original and patented FurEater pet hair remover, and Tom Smith, the founder of Buff Brite Industries with more than 41 years of experience in auto reconditioning, detailing, and the polish industry. Allan and Tom were frustrated over the lack of effectiveness and suitable pet hair removal tools in the market. This lack of efficient tools led to the exciting development process behind the FUR-EEL.

After six months of prototyping and tooling, the FUR-EEL was born. Our mission is to develop a product that makes pet hair cleaning easy, fast and less of a nightmare. The patented soft siliconized polymeric bristle technology makes pet hair, and other stubborn dirt removals, hassle-free – from carpets, mats, clothing and other textiles.

With nearing 100,000 satisfied customers globally, Buff Brite are working hard to improve the design continually with better materials and slight design upgrades.

The FUR-EEL is a prime product, made in Italy, that meets US standards. Buff Brite are still developing FUR-EEL and other accessories to provide a better solution for per hair, sand and other problem areas.

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