RUPES Announces D-A INTERMEDIATE Foam Polishing Pads

The RUPES family of D-A foam polishing pads has expanded!
The new RUPES D-A INTERMEDIATE Foam Pad joins the RUPES D-A Series, positioning in between the D-A FINE yellow pad and the D-A COARSE blue pad.

It's the most versatile pad in the BigFoot foam range and can be paired with several compounds, such as D-A COARSE and D-A FINE as well as UNO ADVANCED and UNO PROTECT.

It has the polishing power to remove severe defects from a wide variety of painted and solid surfaces when paired with RUPES D-A COARSE blue compound.

When used with RUPES D-A FINE yellow polishing compound, it removes moderate-to-fine defects and creates a high-gloss finish.

The highly engineered foam formula really shines when paired with UNO PROTECT or UNO ADVANCED for final polishing and creating a durable layer of protection.

Coming soon to Clean + Shiny.

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