Introducing: The Rag Company Ultra Air lineup!

You may be thinking, hold on, I thought The Rag Company was a microfiber towel manufacturer? And yes, you'd be correct! However, as is the nature with the guys and gals in Boise, Idaho (TRC HQ 🇺🇸), they're constantly looking for ways to help and improve the work and efficiency of detailers around the world!

So, they've introduced the Ultra Air lineup! A range of premium air compressor tools for cleaning interiors, exteriors... as well as a spray applicator for your favourite tyre and trim dressings!

Ultra Air Blaster

The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster

The Ultra Air Blaster will remove dirt and debris from carpets, upholstery, cargo areas and more. It’s also perfect for blowing out polishing pads, removing compound residue. The brush attachment will help with carpets and any other surfaces that need some scrub action.

Ultra Air Blaster Plus+

The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus+

The Ultra Air Blaster Plus+ adds a reservoir to aid removal of stains and other contaminants from your interior, nooks and crannies. It also comes with the same brush attachment for added flexibility.

Ultra Air Engine Blaster

The Rag Company Ultra Air Engine Blaster

The Ultra Air Engine Blaster is designed specifically to clean engine bays and those hard to reach spots. It’ll also speed up general cleaning of suspension components and undercarriages… it’s incredibly versatile!

Ultra Air Spray Applicator

The Rag Company Ultra Air Spray Applicator

The Ultra Air Spray Applicator is perfect for tyre and trim dressings, allowing you to get into really tight spots that you might otherwise struggle with. And you won't need to be concerned about any kind of overspray! You can adjust the 'fan' to be very accurate, so your tyre dressing (for example) is applied exactly where you need it to be.

Technical Information

They all come with 1/4” fittings and we recommend an air compressor that is at least 75L, the Engine Blaster will need extra air pressure/capacity to work to its full potential. This is due to the reservoir and extended flexible head.

Video Overview

Anthony from The Rag Company takes us through the range!


All four products are available for pre-order and we expect stock to land on the 16th October at the latest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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