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ValetPro Advanced Poseidon Car Wash 5L

ValetPro Advanced Poseidon Car Wash 5L

Valet Pro

  • £25.00

ValetPro Advanced Poseidon Car Wash is a shampoo of the highest quality. It produces beading after washing on even an unwaxed car! It will leave your vehicle with a great shine to it, and will also add life to any wax that is already present on the paintwork.

This is one of the finest car shampoos on the market. Blended with Carnauba wax, this product will actually leave the paintwork beading after a wash, even if your car has never seen even one coat of wax before. It also adds a glossy-look to the paintwork too.

This gives true power in maintaining a car and preserving a ‘new look’ by protecting the paintwork and other areas that can't be reached normally. Our Advanced Poseidon Car Wash shampoo also helps protect your car from rust whilst maintaining waxes, sealants and factory applied sealants through a regular washing routine.

This product works great in cold water, but for an even better finish use warm water instead.

Adding just 50ml of Advanced Poseidon Car Wash to 5L of water means a great dilution rate and superb value for money!

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