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Gator Grip gloves are the ‘OG’ diamond texture gloves refined over decades of production and feedback.

Gator Gripz isn’t like other Orange Diamond Texture gloves, it’s the original and hands down best in class. Designed in our partner factory that focused solely on industrial specialist glove engineering for over 3 decades. Unlike it’s other orange counterparts, this glove has heritage and it shows. Users boast about lengthy wear times without tearing and not experiencing any hand cramping doing even the toughest automotive jobs.  

The Specification:    

The Gator Gripz come in at a weighty 8.6g per glove and currently hold the record for the toughest glove we that make. It boasts an insane 12mil thickness at finger, 10mil at palm and 5mil at cuff making them some of the strongest orange diamond texture disposable gloves on the market all while offering Type B level chemical test approvals and a diamond grip texturing that’s been perfected with years of R&D. Lot’s of secrets go into making this our best glove but a key reason is the exclusive high quality raw materials used to create the product, by using High ACN nitrile we’ve made a glove that’s super resistant to oil and chemicals but applied our factory production expertise at a formulation and wash level so that flexibility isn’t compromised. 

The Reason:    

Simple, people wanted an end to gloves breaking during a job and wanted to be able to grab and twist materials without worrying about their hand protection sheering in half leaving them exposed and unprotected.  

Loved by tyre fitters, heavy mechanics, accident repair shops, car breakers, scrap yards, heavy industrial mechanics, tradespersons, tilers, welder fabricators, auto mechanics and detailers. 

The Gator Gripz brand let’s the user knows it’s part of our heaviest automotive range with assured purpose-built quality standards & Smart Tough Technology means the user can check their phone during a job without needing to remove and waste a pair of gloves.  

We’re proud to say it’s not every orange grip glove in the market, it’s the original makers, with the experience and science that helped perfect it over 30 years to the glove we’re now proud to say is our best product yet.   

Pack Size: 50 Gloves

Available Sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large

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